Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day Posted on 6.20.2023 in Announcements

National Indigenous Peoples Day is a momentous [...]

June Special Message Posted on 6.12.2023 in Announcements

Aww, June!!!! This is the long-awaited month [...]

May Special Message Posted on 5.1.2023 in Announcements

May is the month all mothers, biological [...]

April – Special Message Posted on 4.13.2023 in Announcements

First Nations Education Administrators Association (FNEAA) [...]

Winners of Storyteller Àdisὁkewinini National and Regional Awards Posted on 3.16.2023 in Announcements

FNEAA is excited to announce the winners [...]

FNEAA's Annual Report 2022-2023 Posted on 3.3.2023 in Announcements

FNEAA's annual report is available to view [...]

Eliminating Racial Discrimination - March Special Message Posted on 3.1.2023 in Announcements

The end of winter hosts special awareness [...]

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