An Education is Rooted in First Nations
Languages, Cultures, and Nations

Building a strong foundation in the journey of holistic and lifelong learning

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An education is rooted in First Nations Languages, Cultures, Nations

It builds a foundation for everything First Nations education administrators do. Join us on our path to create a Gathering Place to come together and share experiences in the journey of holistic and lifelong learning.

The First Nations Education Administrators Association (FNEAA) is a Gathering Place for education administrators, educators, principals, directors of education, Chiefs, teachers, students and learners at all levels. Members gather to connect and network in ways that will help navigate the delivery of education in our nations, regions and country.

The FNEAA together with First Nations education administrators, will build partnerships needed to provide the highest quality of education in First Nations places of learning where excellence will be achieved.

Join us on this exciting journey!

Youth Storyteller Àdisὁkewinini National and Regional Awards

FNEAA received over 60 entries from across the country

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Become a Member

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