Being a member of the FNEAA is of high value for the profession of First Nations education administrators, for the organization, and personally for the member.

Professionally, FNEAA provides a gathering place for members: to share information about how they do their jobs; to share experiences that may be the same challenges others are facing; and to network.  Networking enables members: to shed light on common issues; to provide a place to access online information; and to provide a way to communicate quickly. FNEAA offers members training, education and certification programs and workshops in-person and via virtual platforms about the knowledge, skills, and experiences required by First Nations education administrators. It is a place that establishes standards, lessons learned, and best practices in the field of First Nations education administration.

FNEAA also provides a National Annual Gathering to assist members in achieving and maintaining a high level of competency in the profession of First Nations education administrators. Another benefit of becoming a member of FNEAA is of a personal nature where members can learn how to better manage and balance their life, learning, and work. FNEAA provides a place to share information about the profession and what others are doing to advance and succeed. There is also a financial benefit of being a member of FNEAA through discounted prices on FNEAA’s products and services and access to relevant studies and reports.

Value of Membership
  • place to gather
  • place to network
  • share information network
  • having a safe place to dialogue on sensitive and controversial issues (i.e. Virtual Townhall)
  • place to ask for assistance
  • provide tools and templates (to help you work better)
  • professional standards to ensure high quality and high performance in the field
  • referral to others
  • bring forward a fulsome discussion
  • focus on First Nations cultures
  • focus on First Nations languages
  • focus on First Nations knowledge
  • focus on First Nations education administration

Membership Categories

The First Nations Education Administrators Association will have five membership categories with key definitions as follows:

  1. Regular Member – A regular member shall be any individual that is interested in furthering the goals of the Association.
  2. Student Member – A student shall be any full-time student in high school or post-secondary education who is interested in furthering the goals of the Association.
  3. Traditional Elder Member – This member shall be any individual who is recognized as a Traditional Elder within the First Nation community and is interested in furthering the goals of the Association.
  4. Certified Member – A certified member shall be any Regular member that has completed the Certified Program of the Association and obtains the program designation.
  5. Corporate Member –  A corporate member shall be any organization who would like to contribute to the advancement of First Nations Education and who is interested in furthering the goals of the Association.

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