FNEAA provides a full-service, independent evaluation to First Nations. FNEAA provides expert, utilization-focused measurement and evaluations that help First Nations education organizations change for the better for First Nations control of First Nation.

The FNEAA First Nations Education Measurement and Evaluation Services meets your needs for culturally relevant measurement and evaluation. FNEAA has experienced and Indigenous staff that has years of utilized multi-disciplinary approaches that include triangulated methodologies, applying Indigenous knowledge, culture and language. Tools are developed for tailored for Indigenous education and concepts such as relationality, holistic learning, Indigenizing education, decolonization and transformative learning. These services are available to First Nations education authorities, schools, government and municipalities.


Evaluation Planning

FNEAA will help you design an evaluation strategy that is culturally relevant:

  • Develop or revise your initiative’s description, theory of change, and logic model
  • Define your evaluation priorities
  • Articulate your evaluation questions — the key pieces of information you need to know
  • Identify sources of information and appropriate methods
  • Design tools for data collection (e.g., surveys, interview guides, metrics tracking, etc.)
  • Schedule key evaluation activities and design a detailed evaluation plan
  • Train staff or volunteers to carry out the evaluation


  • Develop your evaluation plan
  • Collect, capture, and analyze information (e.g., interviews, surveys, focus groups, literature reviews, environmental scans, case studies)
  • Synthesize and interpret data
  • Provide recommendations for improvement
  • Report and present on findings
  • Manage the whole evaluation process

Tailored to your needs

  • Survey design, administration, and analysis
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g., interviews, focus groups)
  • Literature reviews and environmental scans
  • Theory of change and logic model development
  • Analysis of existing data and datasets
  • Review of funding proposals
  • Evaluation coaching, including developmental evaluation
  • Review and expert feedback on evaluation plans

Contact Dr Cathy Martin at cmartin@fneaa.ca for more information.

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