The First Nations Education Administrators Association was incorporated on February 6, 2019. The purpose of the Association is as follows:

  • Certification: Build a certified professional body of First Nations Education Administrators
  • Professional Development: Create quality products to build individual, organizational and community professional capacity
  • Partnerships: Promote awareness, inclusion, sharing and learning from each other
  • Education Systems Development & Services: Be a valuable resource for reliable information and providing services that meet the needs
  • Mentoring: Build relationships to engage members and support learners
  • Annual Conference: Provide an annual gathering to network and share information
  • Annual Report 2022-2023
Our Core Beliefs

Vision, Mission and Values


Balancing the interconnectedness in Education, rooted in First Nations languages, cultures, traditions and self-determination under our First Nations’ control of First Nations’ Education.


FNEAA is a gathering place for First Nations Education Administrators to share information, collect and share ideas and enhance capacity in Education, Certification, Professional Development, Partnerships, Systems Development & Services, Mentoring and Conferences.


FNEAA is committed to the values associated in the teachings of our members’ Nations.

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