Taking Corrective Action – January

This four-day virtual webinar (eight sessions) will provide education administrators, principals, supervisors, and Directors of Education (at all levels) with guidance and tools for corrective action to enhance employee performance. Find out how to manage common reasons for unsatisfactory performance such as lack of knowledge, skills and abilities, and lack of experience and motivation. Learn how to give effective feedback, apply employment law such as disciplinary policy with steps on how to manage termination for cause and not for cause. Understand misconduct; how to effectively discipline in a fair and procedural manner; how to handle harassment allegations; how to conduct an investigation; and understand when to seek legal advice.

January 17 – S1 & 2 | January 19 – S3 & 4 | January 20 – S5 & 6 | January 27 – S7 & 8

Session Content Outline for 8 Sessions

1.     A Motivated Workplace
2.     Organizational Culture
3.     Giving Feedback
4.     Employee Improvement Plan
5.     The Disciplinary Process
6.     Dismissal
7.     Impartial Investigations
8.     The Duty to Accommodate

Webinar Fee: $800 for members; $1000 for non-members

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