Achieving Personal Excellence in Education (Emotional Intelligence) – October

This four-day webinar (eight sessions) explores the role that emotional intelligence can play in creating a safe learning environment for students. Building on the work on affective education and learning by Dr. Lee Brown, former Director of the Institute of Aboriginal Health in the College of Health Disciplines, UBC, this webinar features a discussion of the different models of emotional literacy competency and intelligence. The webinar focuses on how the development of your emotional intelligence can help you to achieve personal excellence in education and contribute to emotional well-being in the classroom. The webinar is structured around Goleman’s quadrant of emotional intelligence and Brown’s emotional competencies framework. Explore different techniques and exercises to help improve your emotional awareness, manage your emotions, harness them as a source of motivation, show empathy and create healthy relationships. Learn how to bridge communication styles and improve interpersonal communication skills.

October 19 – S1 & 2 | October 20 – S3 & 4
November 2 – S5  & 6 | Nocember 3 – S7 & 8

Session Content Outline for 8 Sessions

  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  2. Self-Awareness of Your Emotions
  3. Self-Management Using Mindfulness
  4. Motivation and Resilience
  5. Social Awareness and Empathy
  6. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  7. Managing Relationships
  8. Building an Emotionally Resilient Team

Webinar Fee: $800 for members; $1000 for non-members

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