EDU-01 FN Ed Agreements

This one-day webinar (four sessions) will provide principals, supervisors and Directors of Education and education administrators (at all levels) with guidance and tools regarding the various local, regional First Nation education agreements across Canada. Learn about the various agreements that have been negotiated by First Nations across the country. Identify which elements of an education …

$400 – $500

LED-01 FN Ed Leadership

This one-day webinar (four sessions) will enable participants to identify and apply the core leadership skills needed in communities, schools, and/or school boards/ organizations to support the work of First Nations Education. Learn about: leadership theories and models; First Nations traditions, cultural practices, and values; and assessing leadership styles. An overview of leadership strengths will …

$400 – $500

HR-01 Finding and Hiring the Best Talent

This two-day webinar (eight sessions) provides an overview for those involved in finding, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates to work in First Nations Education such as administrators, teachers, and other educators. Learn how to effectively develop a recruitment and retention plan, job descriptions, interview guide and manage an effective interview process. Find out how to …

$800 – $1000

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