Innovation for First Nations Education Reconciliation is a two-day webinar (eight sessions) that enables
participants to explore reconciliation through the lens of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The TRC calls to action are a powerful lever for building First Nations control for First Nations education. Although it’s early days, success ranges from moderate progress on Calls to Action Education 6-12, significant progress on Language and Culture 13-17 and little progress for Education for Reconciliation 62-65. The course is built on evidence-based innovations, best practices, and direction in First Nations education through the principles of reconciliation, First Nations control of First Nations education and First Nations education, cultures and languages. Case studies and innovative programs are used to explore how to close the gap in education, health, etc., through a reconciliation approach. Learn how First Nations schools are applying traditional healing, land-based teaching, language and culture to nurture student identity, resilience and wellness. Critical to reconciliation is reaching out and building and maintaining relations, collaborations and partnerships in schools and communities. The work in schools and communities to become Good Ancestors and applying Seven Generations thinking is important to sustaining the process of reconciliation, dialogue and engagement.

Session Content Outline for 8 Sessions

  1. Indigenizing First Nations Education
  2. Reconciliation as Relationships
  3. TRC Education Calls to Action
  4. Closing the Gaps
  5. Knowledge Keepers
  6. The Land is Our Teacher
  7. Seven Generations Thinking
  8. Innovation for First Nations Education
    Webinar Fee: $800 for members; $1000 for non-members