First Nations Education Administrators Association



Vision, Mission & Values

Balancing the interconnectedness in Education, rooted in First Nations languages, cultures, traditions and self-determination under our First Nations’ control of First Nations’ Education.
FNEAA is a gathering place for First Nations Education Administrators to share information, collect and share ideas and enhance capacity in Education, Certification, Professional Development, Partnerships, Systems Development & Services, Mentoring and Conferences.
FNEAA is committed to the values associated in the teachings of our members’ Nations.


The First Nations Education Administrators Association was incorporated on February 6, 2019. The purpose of the Association is as follows:
Certification: Build a certified professional body of First Nations Education Administrators  

Professional Development: Create quality products to build individual, organizational and community professional capacity
Partnerships: Promote awareness, inclusion, sharing and learning from each other
Education Systems Development & Services: Be a valuable resource for reliable information and providing services that meet the needs
Mentoring: Build relationships to engage members and support learners
Annual Conference: Provide an annual gathering to network and share information

Interim Board of Directors

The Interim Board of Directors is the governing body that oversees the strategic and effective functioning of the FNEAA.  This body has been actively engaged in ensuring the set up and operation of the Association.

Darren Googoo, Chair
Director of Education at Membertou First Nation
Membertou First Nation, NS

Janice Ciavaglia, Secretary-Treasurer
CEO at Assembly of First Nations
Ottawa, ON

Diane Longboat, M Ed., Director
Six Nations Grand River Territory
Akwesasne Mohawk Nation 

Interim Advisory Committee

The First Nations Education Administrators Association is guided by an Interim Advisory Committee. Their role is to provide advice and recommendations in the following areas.

  • Guide the creation of By-laws under a not-profit corporation.
  • Identify membership services that the FNEAA will provide, such as: professional development; education systems development support; and conferences, seminars and events.
  • Identify core competencies to design courses, workshops and a certification program for those in First Nations educational positions, such as, directors, managers and senior administrative staff.
  • Guide the creation of a draft Communications Strategy.
  • Support First Nations Control of First Nations Education.

Interim Advisory Committee

The Interim Advisory Committee includes representatives from key areas across Canada. Their support is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Northern area
Melanie Bennett, YT
Council of Yukon First Nations

Western area
Deborah Jeffrey, BC
FNESC Executive Director

Simon Bird, SK
Director of Education, Lac La Ronge Indian Band

Central area
Davin Dumas, MB
Director of Education, Fisher River Cree Nation

Atlantic area
Tracey O’Reilly, NB
Director of Education, Kingsclear First Nation

Darren Googoo, NS
Director of Education, Membertou First Nation

Interim Advisory Committee Comments

“We want to provide the tools for educators to have the confidence to do what they want to do.”

“We can network and share experiences to provide living paths for people to get where they need to go. The goal is to provide a choice as opposed to telling educators what to do.”

Darren Googoo
Director of Education - Membertou, NS 


“A lot of our schools are in ‘survival mode’. We need to stop jumping from crisis to crisis.”

Simon Bird
Director of Education - Lac La Ronge Indian Band, SK

"We can provide guidance to leaders and politicians on education portfolios.”

Tracey O'Reilly
First Nation Education Initiative Incorporated Board of Directors and Director of Education - Kingsclear First Nation, NB


“I want an option to be certified and [have] an online profile to market myself.”